Compile it yourself

All libraries are already provided indeed, some of you like to compile project by themselves, therefore, i'll provide you the steps to build it by yourslef.

To compile the project, just open it with Netbeans and build it, all required libraries are provided in the /lib directory, but all are not required to compile the Project : some are needed by Oracle, so follow the instructions in the install guide if you want to resolve all classes in the oracle-jutils package.


Take good care to compile the project with the same JDK as the Oracle one : take a look at $ORACLE_HOME/jdk.

To compile, just add the following libraries ($OJUTILS_HOME/lib) :

All the other libraries from the $OJUTILS_HOME/lib directory need to be loaded into OJUTILS schema (have a look at the install script, everything is provided and dependances are taken in account).