Why and how

DBA Swiss knife

Often i have to make PL/SQL scripts to solve problems to help people like reloading/dumping a BLOB, getting a CRC32 straight from a BLOB, compress binary columns (zip, LZMA, 7z), send XMPP messages, compute complex checksums on BLOBS (or files), etc ... For each of them i did develop generic PL/SQL scripts based on standard Oracle PL/SQL packages, but it was long to develop and finally all i wanted were functions that would do the job within a single line of PL/SQL code, and this is the main driving idea. That's why i started to develop this set of packages.

I've developed this code on my spare time, any feedback will be greatly appreciated. I don't expect money, but any help is always welcome to improve the project, make a nice website, send Oracle books, donate a logo, write documentation, ask more features, or simply (and not the least) talk about oracle-jutils around you, or leave a comment on my Sourceforge guest book.

Still, you can contact me by email, and if you are an Oracle employee, i would be very pleased to talk with you as i really do am a big fan from Oracle and am passionated by my job.

And if you ask yourself why i have spent spare time on development, i can answer you : "Because it's my passion to learn and that it's fun.".

Most of the time, i really do my best no to put Java code inside the database, but as i really was too lazy to develop pure PL/SQL packages and considering that Oracle 11g has really serously improved Java performances, and does now deal with the 1.5 Jdk, i've started to put some Java code in the database.